Meereeng50 – First Australians Procurement Accelerator

A unique opportunity especially for Victorian-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses who aspire to grow and supply their goods and services to Australia’s largest companies.

Program delivery currently impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.  More information soon.

What is Meereeng 50 VIC?

Meereeng 50 VIC is a collaboration between Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria, PwC’s Indigenous Consulting, University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School focused on building capacity within, and supporting the growth of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in Victoria.  Working alongside some of Australia’s largest companies and government, we have designed and are piloting a first of its kind mature business accelerator that blends formal education with cultural and corporate wisdom and experience. 

Program participants have an opportunity to hone their key business skills, gain a better understanding of corporate procurement requirements and processes and develop commercial relationships with some of Australia’s biggest companies.

What’s in a name?

The number 50 refers to the target number of businesses to participate in the Meereeng program nationally over time, with an initial Victorian cohort of 12 businesses. The name ‘Meereeng’ means land in Gunditjmara language.

Naming the program Meereeng drew on our aspirations to create a place and space for First Australian businesses and corporate Australia to learn, create and nurture relationships and support each other to develop new opportunities.

Meereeng50 was designed by applying a human-centred co-design approach where the collaborators worked alongside the Meereeng50 corporate participants to create relevant course content and an appropriate ongoing support structure for the Meereeng50 cohort of businesses.


corporate participants

These 6 corporates have contributed towards the program design and delivery, and are committed to providing real procurement opportunities for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses who are participating in the Meereeng 50 pilot program.


How can I find out more?

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